Australian Solar Power Takes Off

clock July 29, 2010 19:00 by author david
While the rest of the world stagnated during the Global Financial Crisis, one Australian ‘Bull Market’ bucked international trends to quadruple in size. Over 82 MW of PV was installed in Australia in 2009, more than the Spanish solar matador’s 70 MW of PV installations[1], and July... [More]

Residential Solar Panel Options

clock July 13, 2010 00:18 by author david
All of us know how quickly the cost of energy is rising. The depleting resources and increasing cost of production is making it difficult for people to cope with the energy costs. Home solar power options are helpful in saving on power and electricity bills. Solar energy has always been considered a... [More]

Differences in Solar Power Systems

clock July 5, 2010 20:02 by author david
With the cost of energy going high, what other options do you think you have to cut down on your electricity bill? Well, solar power systems serve as a boon at the present state of economy. The initial set-up of solar systems may be expensive but in the long term savings you make from it are worth t... [More]

Solar Panel Installations

clock June 28, 2010 18:57 by author david
Every time you see your electricity bill you would smirk bitterly about all the money you have to shed on it. There are so many free or affordable sources of energy that you can use to harness electricity. The natural sources of energy like sunlight are abundant and no one owns them so one can use t... [More]

Fair winds and bright sunshine for renewable energy after reforms sail through Parliament

clock June 25, 2010 22:31 by author david
NATIONAL: The Federal Parliament has united to deliver sweeping reforms which will drive Australia’s renewable energy target of 20 per cent of stationary generation by 2020. The passage of the Gillard government’s enhanced Renewable Energy Target (eRET) legislation today marks the b... [More]

Solar Power Benefits

clock June 21, 2010 18:46 by author david
Everyone is aware of the energy problems that we are facing or will be facing in future. Some people are already taking the action against the situation and switching towards renewable sources of energy like solar power. This is definitely catching the attention of others. Solar power benefits are m... [More]

Solar Panel Configurations

clock June 17, 2010 00:54 by author david
Increasing fuel cost has lent urgency to look out for alternative power resources for residential houses. Two obvious solutions of renewable resources are solar power and wind power system. Installation of any of these resources would cost you money. Residential solar systems are preferable in many ... [More]

Anna Bligh Releases New Solar Power Target

clock June 11, 2010 00:48 by author david
Queensland to be home to largest solar project in the southern hemisphere Premier Anna Bligh has today announced that Queensland is set to be home to the largest solar thermal project in the southern hemisphere. As part of a $115 million solar package in the 2010-11 Budget, the Bligh Government is... [More]

QLD Solar Power Feed In Tarrif Explained

clock June 10, 2010 17:49 by author david
The Queensland Government Solar Bonus Scheme (the Scheme) is a net feed in tarrif and it pays households and other small customers for the surplus electricity generated from roof-top solar photovoltaic (PV) panel systems, which is exported to the Queensland electricity grid. The Scheme is designe... [More]

Parliament now debating changes to the RET scheme

clock June 10, 2010 00:00 by author Administrator
Parliament now debating changes to the RET scheme [More]