Queensland to be home to largest solar project in the southern hemisphere

Premier Anna Bligh has today announced that Queensland is set to be home to the largest solar thermal project in the southern hemisphere.

As part of a $115 million solar package in the 2010-11 Budget, the Bligh Government is contributing $35 million to a new project at Kogan Creek near Dalby. This funding comes on top of the Rudd Government’s $31 million for the project at Kogan Creek.

“This funding means Queensland will be home to the largest solar project in the southern hemisphere,” Premier Bligh said.

“The project will use solar power to generate steam to drive the turbine at Kogan Creek Coal fired powered station. It will boost electricity by 44 megawatts and reduce carbon emissions using energy from the sun.”

“The Bligh Government is committed to doing the bright thing, which is why we are investing heavily in solar technology.”

“This budget provides $115 million over five years to help build our solar industry and double our use of solar energy, turning Queensland into the solar state.

The Premier said the solar package will deliver both large scale and grass-roots initiatives to ensure all Queenslanders can play a role in doubling our use of solar energy over the next five years.

“Solar can help Queenslanders save money on their electricity bills and reduce demand on electricity generated from coal fire power stations.”

Solar initiatives funded in this year’s budget include:

  • $35.4 million
    for CS Energy’s Carbon Reduction Program – supporting the development of major renewable energy projects at Kogan Creek
  • $29.5 million
     for the $60 million Solar Rebate Scheme – providing residents with rebates of $600 and $1000 for the installation of solar heat pump or solar hot water systems
  • $5.8 million
    for the Solar Kindergartens Program – funding the installation of solar PV panels on the roofs of new and existing kindergarten buildings, built or upgraded over the next four years


The Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy Stephen Robertson said that the programs funded in this year’s budget will help grow the solar industry, create green jobs and assist all Queenslanders to do the bright thing.

“The Bligh Government is determined to create new opportunities for renewable energy in Queensland,” the Minister said.

“This is the largest single funding commitment for solar deployment in Queensland’s history, demonstrating our Government’s determination to move towards a renewable energy future.”

“As a result of our investment, our State is fast becoming a world-leader in solar and renewable energy development.

“The wide range of programs funded in this year’s budget ensure we can continue to build that reputation, supporting a new and important growth industry while also reducing our State’s carbon footpri nt.”