With the cost of energy going high, what other options do you think you have to cut down on your electricity bill? Well, solar power systems serve as a boon at the present state of economy. The initial set-up of solar systems may be expensive but in the long term savings you make from it are worth the initial investment. The thermal solar power system is the most popular one. This type of solar system makes use of the solar heat for heating water and areas. It can also be used for ventilation, cooling spaces, cooking, desalination and other household utilities.

Another type of solar power system available in Gold cost is solar hot water. It is not a new technology and its installation just takes only a few days. The heating system makes use of solar collectors that heats the water as it circulates through the tubes. The water then flows to the large tank for use.

The same system can also be used for heating spaces. The thermal systems can produce distilled water through evaporation. These solar panels are also called as photovoltaic cells that change the energy of the sun into electricity. The solar energy is utilized to produce electricity by installing solar panels on the ground or roof.

The other solar systems that are used to produce electricity are grid connect or off grid solar solar panel systems. These two choices are available for people who wish to shift completely to solar energy as their primary energy source. The main concept behind the off grid system is that it is without the grid. The solar system is not connected to any commercial power supply and enjoys total independence. In order to get this system installed in your house you need to make an estimate of the total power that you use. As per your requirement you consume in a particular period you will be able to decide the size of battery you need to install to store that amount of power. Once the power is stored in the battery you then need to convert it from DC to AC power.

The next system is grid tied systems and as the name suggest, it is connected with a solar gird. In this system you will still have the commercial power available. You can also make use of battery system. In this system you can store the power generated and if the power generated is more than what you consume then you can sell it back to your electricity company. This helps you make money and of course brings down the cost of your electricity bills.

You can choose among the range of solar systems available. Installing smaller appliances also cut down power but if you switch on these systems permanently then you can reduce your bills up to 80% which is not bad at all. Many people in Brisbane have already started using solar power systems and have been saving a lot on their power bills.