Green Home Energy launches new Solar System


Green Home Energy ( today has launched an all new 1.5 kw Solar System with 2 kw Inverter. The Company has decided to sell this product in the market on an introductory price of $2495 only. The discount offer will be applicable for a limited period, though.


Green Home Energy has earned a good name for delivering cost effective Solar Power Systems (Photovoltaic Solar panels)  in Australian territories like Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, greater south east Queensland and eastern Seaboard of Australia. Recently the Chief of Electricity Supply Association of Australia and a leading industry Analyst Keith Orchison had stated that “Prices are going to keep going up as far forward as you can look.”  “The Solar Energy Solutions are a great relief for the domestic consumers who are tired of growing electricity bills” says a representative.


The company has been engaged in manufacturing of Solar Energy equipments for quite some years now and is experienced enough to serve efficient energy solutions to homes and businesses in Australia. It is widely known that harnessing solar energy serves tremendous cost and eco benefits. Solar energy appliances may cut your electricity bills considerably and reduce your carbon footprint thus ensure better and healthy environment for you and all.


When asked about the technology involved in Solar Power equipments, a Green Home Energy technology specialist explains that the solar energy can be generated and reused anywhere easily. These solar Photovoltaic Cells, made of semiconducting materials like silicon, are mounted on your roof and convert direct sun rays into clean electricity. This is a photovoltaic process. You can use it the way you please. He also cleared that the energy you do not use can be sold back to the grid for great returns.