Increasing fuel cost has lent urgency to look out for alternative power resources for residential houses. Two obvious solutions of renewable resources are solar power and wind power system. Installation of any of these resources would cost you money. Residential solar systems are preferable in many cases.

Solar energy is available in plenty at many places but wind energy is not. Also you would not want to deal with the hassles of neighbor complains, local authority clearances, etc in residential power systems. Solar power systems allow you to install the basic system and then add on to it as per your needs and requirement. There are 3 main solar panel configurations that you may want to consider in Brisbane or Gold coast.

1. A stand along solar panel configuration is the right choice for the residential area and does not use any utility grid. It would be your primary source of electricity and your household appliances. It is cheap and simple to manage.
You may want to install a standalone solar panel system even if utility supply is available. In this case the solar panel system will provide electricity to particular appliances in your household whereas other appliance may make use of utility supply.

2. If you already have a utility supply, you can install a solar panel system which is grid connected and has a battery back-up. In this solar panel configuration the system provides as much electricity as available to your home appliances. When you need more power than met by your solar appliance then you can make use of the utility available. The battery backup will keep you away from the hassles attached to utility supply outages. You can make use of stored power to provide it to your important appliances at least. This way you are benefitted in both ways.

Also in case of excess power produced by your solar panel configuration you can supply this excess electricity to the utility grid and earn in return.

3. You can also go with the battery less grid connection solar panel system in Brisbane. This system is cheaper than one we mentioned above. In this solar panel configuration you don’t have the advantage of handling utility outages but then you have the choice of selling extra power back to utility system.

These 3 solar panel configurations are costly but the kind of advantages they supply make you earn its benefit in the long run. Although initially you will have to spend money and will also have to pay taxes attached with its installation but sooner you will start gaining more results from it and you will be satisfied with your purchase.

It is interesting to note that not just you will be able to earn a handsome income every month by selling extra electricity generated by your solar panel system but also you will be saving the environment from pollution. You will also be saved from the power cuts and in future you would feel more secure against the rising demand of power.