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Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power is a form of renewable energy that can be generated anywhere, even at home. Solar power systems convert sunlight directly to clean electricity using solar panels or solar cells mounted on your roof. They work any time the sun is shining. The electricity is used to provide power to homes, which reduces electricity bills and benefits the environment. Any electricity you don’t use is fed back into the electricity grid. This effectively makes your electricity meter run backwards and saves you even more money.

Green Home Energy is a leading supplier of solar electricity solutions! We are an experienced and trusted company that can provide you with the best solar packages available to meet your needs! We source the best products available from all around the world, in order to provide our customers with the finest technology at the best possible price. We can provide you with solutions to suit your needs from 1 kW. The systems can be installed as either grid connected or stand alone systems. By going solar, you will dramatically reduce your energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions. So act now, as Green Home Energy has some of the best deals available on the market! We all have a role to play in reducing our energy consumption and every single action that leads to a reduction in green house gas emissions does make a difference.

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Australians are among the world's worst contributors of greenhouse gases and our love of king coal is well known, but this over reliance on unclean sources of power is a concern for all of us. With coal fired energy prices rising so rapidly, investing in coal compared to Solar over a 25 year period is now not only an environmental threat but a risky investment as well.

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Free Electricity Straight From The Sun

Generating your own solar electricity is simple, appealing & easy to understand. All you need is our accredited Solar Panels and you can save substantially on costly bills, but also reduce your carbon footprint in the process. Any excess electricity that you generate is also yours to sell back to the grid. If you're passionate about creating a brighter future installing solar panels is the best way to generate greenhouse emission free electricity & increase the value of your home.

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