Solar Panel Systems for Homes

Solar systems are becoming less affordable by the day because Governments are cutting subsidies. DON’T MISS YOUR CHANCE. Rebates come to you from the Federal Government which we give you as a point of sale discount and from state governments in the form of feed in tariffs. Every state except Queensland has slashed this feed in tariff which will pay off any system you buy from us in under four years. When they slashed the tariffs in other states they gave no warning of their intentions – only people who had put down a deposit were safe.

Let us LOCK-IN your feed in tariff today! Our range of Solar Power Systems is designed to power you, whatever your needs may be. With a solar system to suit every Australian family, Green Home Energy use only advanced and proven manufacturing processes which provides only the very best in supply of mono-crystalline panels. To view any of our solar power systems simply click on one of the packages below.

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Great price, great at answering questions, fantastic sales rep and fantastic fitting team. Highly recommend you, Steven & Amelia Brown
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The salesman and the installers. All were unfailingly polite, considerate and lovely fellas, Kate Jackson