Solar Power Questions and Answers

Grid Connect System - What is it?

A grid-connect solar power system is an array of solar panels linked through an inverter delivering power through a bi-directional meter to the power grid. Green Home Energy grid-connect systems requires no batteries & this system also enables the household to not only reduce its carbon footprint by the production of renewable energy but it also helps reduce and possibly remove your electricity bill altogether and in some cases you can actually receive revenue from your energy provider by the excess energy your grid connect system produces.

For a full understanding of the PV Output variances click here

The Inverter - What is it?

The inverter is the device that monitors and converts the DC electricity produced by the solar panels into the Australian standard 230V AC. The inverter not only monitors and converts the electricity but also provides immediate information such as the amount of power being produced. The inverter Green Home Energy installs is approved for outdoor use so it can be installed in the garage or on the outside of the house. We only use inverters that are accredited for use in australia by the Clean Energy Council. Our inverter also has a 10 year replacement warranty.

Will my insurance cover the solar system in storm damage?

Yes, normal household insurers will cover the solar panels. Make sure they are informed as soon as the solar panels are installed.

How much roof space will i need for my Solar Panels?

Our Standard 1.48kW Solar System will require roughly 12m2 of roof space.

What direction does the solar system need to face?

Solar panels are designed best for the ultraviolet rays from the sun to hit them at 90 degrees to create the efficiencies and Australia being in the southern hemisphere this means a northward facing orientation is the optimum panel situation. The solar panels will still operate and produce plenty of electricity on any East-West direction, but they can be 35% less efficient than that of a North direction. Shade also reduces the panel’s efficiency so ideally the panels should receive no shading between the hours of 8am – 4pm.

Hail & fierce storms?

Solar panels are designed and manufactured to be located in and withstand hostile weather for long periods of time. They are tested for extreme weather like hail and are made from quality-hardened materials. Our Solar Power Systems can handle wind speeds up to 256km per hour.

Roof materials?

Green Home Energy will install on almost any roof material except for asbestos roofs.

Upgrading My Solar System

We can upgrade your solar panel system at a later date by simply installing more panels. You will get some REC's to help with installation costs but you receive a reduced amount after your system goes over 1.5kW

Feed In Tariff - What is it?

In QLD the feed in tariff is a NET tariff. That is, your energy provider pays you for the amount of power exported to power grid not the total amount of power produced. This means it is most beneficial to use as little power during day light hours as possible and in turn maximise your export value.

Who changes my meter?

Green Home Energy looks after getting your bi-directional meter installed. This is part of our installation and we do it for free.

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